Arrakeen : Kununurra Pyramid  Ring
Arrakeen : Kununurra Pyramid  Ring
Arrakeen : Kununurra Pyramid  Ring
Arrakeen : Kununurra Pyramid  Ring

Arrakeen : Kununurra Pyramid Ring

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This Rare Amulet comprises of a Rare high-quality Kununurra stone Pyramid on Oxidised Bronze. both hand-cut and polished.  The band is an adjustable Asymmetrical setting and has been made with comfort in mind which a specific ergonomic design.

This high-quality stone has been ethically sourced by hand during the dry season ( as during the wet season the plains are submerged underwater ) from within Kimberley regions of Kununurra.

Kununurra stone It is an ancient stone  (also called zebra stone owing to its pattern) has been placed at 600 million years old.

Each piece holds its own distinctive and unique  pattern and is completely one of a kind 

We do not feel the need to describe the master this piece was created for as we believe when they find it they shall know by a strong feeling that draws them. 

The only known deposits of this rare and beautiful stone in the entire world have been found in the East Kimberley region of Western Australia Making it extremely Rare, precious and even sacred.

it is said this stone is able to assist in harmonizing a person with nature as well as the true nature and force within the individual them self. Through these connections, it can allow a person to perceive one’s own nature and allows one to see any false impressions.

The concept of yin/yang plays out Within the dark and the light stripes, which symbolizes the balance between these two opposing yet flattering forces.

If this amulet feels right for you please take the time to sit with it.

Also, know  $10 ( the equivalent of 30 meals) of every  Amulet sold will go to the to Alimenta La Solidaridad Petare foundation which is an independent locally run food and aid program helping to nourish the lives of children and pregnant woman by providing free meals in 30 locations in the most vulnerable arias of Venezuela. ( more in the about page)