Ice Chrysoprase Bronze Amulet Ring
Ice Chrysoprase Bronze Amulet Ring
Ice Chrysoprase Bronze Amulet Ring

Ice Chrysoprase Bronze Amulet Ring

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This Amulet is made of hand-cut  Ice chrysoprase with natural iorn inclusions set on polished lightly oxidized bronze.


This piece of ice chrysoprase Has been ethically and sustainably hand sourced from rural Queensland at a small nickel rich private location and is one of few remaining private spots in the world that it can still be found raw and of excellent quality and integrity.  

 The icy cold blue-green colour is also another rarity as chrysoprase is most often found in deeper green but we prize this particular piece for its soothing  and unique colour 

This Amulet is made for someone with who has is a gentle spirit as chrysoprase promotes joy, self-acceptance, and independence, as well as forgiveness and compassion towards others. It could be used to support someone needing or mindfully taking up these practices.   chrysoprase encourages optimism, joy, and contentment and as it is a lighter variety its light glacial blues carry soothing and healing energy also suited to someone who may be in need of some energetic soothing or cooling. This is a very angelic stone, 

The name ‘chrysoprase’ is from the Greek chryos, meaning golden, and prason, meaning leek. This name was given to it in the 18th century when a vein was discovered in Silesia (now Poland) at the time of Frederick the Great of Prussia, who had a particular fondness for the stone.
Traditionally Chrysoprase has been renowned for having some incredible powers. The gem was said to bring spiritual protection, prevent depression, increase grace and equilibrium and increase fertility. It promotes joy and happiness and while helping to heal the heart of the energy of depression and anxiety. Chrysoprase was also said to be a victory stone.  This gentle variety, in particular, is used for soothing both the heart and the mind. 
If you feel this amulet is right for you to take the time to mindfully sit on it.
Also, know 10% of the funds from every Amulet sold will go to ether wires Australia to help fund the rehabilitation and rescue of injured wildlife across Australia being impacted by the bush fires or to the RFS directly to contribute to proper aid and funding for firefighters during this horrific environmental fire crisis affecting so many. ( for more information check out the  about page).  and if you have a preference for where you want your money to go please wright it at the check out Thank you so much.