Future Relic

has been created out of the Ancient idea of sacred and irreplaceable objects made using rare, fine, hallowed and treasured materials. created with a thought to who will where it, with the intention of protecting, guarding and enhancing the quality of life of the wearer.

And so it is extremely paramount to these ends that each part of these pieces is mindfully thought out and designed using ONLY ethically sourced materials to the finest detail to enhance and ensure the most pure end result.

which defines these pieces from any contemporary or modern jewelry product as each stone has not only been hand cut and polished with its end amulet in mind, it is also found from its source we have direct contact with its origin and are often directly  removing small specimens from the earth by hand in a sustainable and ethical fashion using no third parties to our inner circle and no slave labor.

instead of the traditional modern method ie: buying components from a third party which not only is impersonal to the piece but also 99.9 percent of the time involves engaging in the slave trade which exploits third world citizens to mine and extract precious crystals who are paid little are at high risk of injury and quite often use children who are able to squeeze into small spaces. this practice we strongly oppose it is unethical Unsustainable and unsafe. 

We believe that your luxury should not come at the price of or pain of others and that these high standards only enhance the overall quality and preciousness of your piece. 

Its is also our prerogative to start your relationship with your jewel on a positive note you will be contrbuting to a beautiful cause with the aquierment of your amulet. last year we contributed to over 200 meals for Alimenta La Solidaridad Petare foundation which is an independently run food and aid program that tries to stop the effects of child malnutrition and starvation currently serving children and mothers in their breastfeeding period doing incredible work providing food around the Municipality Sucre in Caracas, Venezuela.

This year 2020 i will be focusing closer to home hre in australia, over the year i wll be roatating our donations around wiers australia who  care for the wild life particularly those who are in desprate need of care after the devestating fiers curently tearing though our bush land and forests.  They rescue and rehabilitate the wild life so that they can go back to the wild and live healthy lifes.. you can find out more and or donat here : https://www.wires.org.au/donate/emergency-fund?fbclid=IwAR2GLbLuccU5GgHOpn8aXDLLzXUD8mMc6JnD876EjgjE0iV0Mud7-pDe5CI 

the second port of call wlll be to contribute to the rfs Rurual Fire Servises curently putting there lifes in harms way to protect myself and all citicins living in the path of the devistating blazes thretning all life in its path animal and human. they are true heros who work in extrem conditions some with out even proper resprators to where wile on there front line.. they are underfunded and often go with out meals on 10 hours shifts many and have to create make shift smoke masks wile protecting towns from fire impact. 

you can learn more and or make a personal donation here:


By choosing your amulet you have contributed to these causes so thank you. I am so happy that you can be apart of it through your purchase.



Artist and Designer Tegan Lane.